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The Surrey Heath, Farnham and North East Hampshire Podiatry team are committed to improving foot health for patients in our area.

We are a small, but devoted, team made up of Podiatrists a Podiatry Apprentice and Podiatry Assistants. We are supported by two hardworking administration staff.

Our team covers a large geographical area. We are based out of Farnham Hospital and have clinics at Frimley Green, Fleet Medical Centre, Aldershot Centre for Health, and Yateley Medical Centre. We also provide house visits to bedbound and completely housebound patients via our Domiciliary service.

We offer assessment and treatment for people with high-risk feet. We provide a Foot Protection Service. This means that patients who are suffering from or at risk of Foot Ulceration, caused by Diabetes or any other conditions, will be referred to us and we will often lead their care.

We also offer Nail Surgery out of Aldershot Centre for Health. These clinics are for patients that are experiencing in-growing toenails. These can be managed conservatively or via a minor operation were part of the toenail, or sometimes the whole nail, is removed under local anaesthetic.

Our MSK service will assess lower limb muscles, joints and perform gait analysis to diagnose foot problems that can result in injuries, pain, and dysfunction. These assessments allow the clinician to advise on appropriate treatment plans that often involve education, stretching/strengthening regimes, and orthoses.

You can access our service via self-refer, or alternatively you can discuss a referral with your GP.

If you are concerned you may be suffering with a foot ulceration, it is imperative you obtain an appointment with our service as soon as possible.

Podiatry Patient Line:  01483 908162