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Diagnostic and Treatment Service

We offer a holistic consultant assessment service to older patients. We proactively work with your GP and other local community services.

The diagnostic and treatment centres primarily care for older people in the community. The main function of our service is to diagnose and treat you, and in turn refer you back to your GP for on-going management of your condition, supported by other community services.

Once we have a received your referral from your GP, the diagnostic and treatment staff will contact you by telephone to arrange an appointment.

Depending on your needs, what happens in the appointment may vary. Your clinician will be able to explain what will happen in more detail. Your assessment by our consultant will involve an examination, therefore please wear loose clothing. Also please bring a urine sample if possible.

If you have been sent for any investigations, we will give you a follow-up appointment at the diagnostic and treatment centre to discuss your results.