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We want to provide the best possible experience when you use our services, so we’re sorry that something has gone wrong.

Something gone wrong? Let’s get it sorted for you

The quickest and easiest way to get an issue sorted is to talk to the team caring for you. You can find their contact details here: Surrey Community Dental Service, Continence Treatment and Promotion Service, Diabetes Specialist Nursing, Diagnostic and Treatment Service, Podiatry, Community Rehabilitation, Community Nursing, MSK Physiotherapy, Neurological Outpatient Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy.

They’ll usually be able to sort things out straight away, or at least within 3 working days.

You can speak to us in person, give us a call on 0300 613 8000 (ask for HCRG Care Group), email (dental) or, or write to us by post if you prefer. Our address is: Farnham Hospital and Centre for Heath, Hale Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 9QL.

If you want to speak to someone outside of the service, you can speak to our commissioners: NHS Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care Board and NHS Frimley Integrated Care Board.

When you send us your complaint, please try and give as much detail as possible about what’s happened. It’s important for us to understand exactly what it is you are unhappy with and what you would like to happen as a result, so that we can try to deal with the issue as quickly as we can and meet your needs.
We record all complaints made, but if you’re not happy with our first response or if we believe the issues are too serious to be investigated informally, we’ll appoint a trained investigator to complete a formal complaint investigation. If this happens, we’ll tell you and we’ll respond to you fully within 30 working days.
If you’re still not happy with our response, you can raise your complaint with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman or the Local Government Ombudsman.
We’ll tell you how in our final response to you.

What happens next when you complain?

✔ We’ll try and sort things out quickly, within 3 days
✔ Your care will continue as normal – making a complaint will never affect how we treat you
✔ Details of your complaint won’t be recorded on your medical record, but will be kept
separately so we can learn and improve
✔ If you’re not happy with our response, we’ll explain your next steps
✔ If you’re complaining on someone else’s behalf, we’ll need their consent
✔ We’ll use your data in line with our policy, which you can find on our website or in service (just ask us for a copy)
✔ We can meet with you to discuss your complaint once we’ve investigated it